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Do you remember when you were a kid and the only thing you cared about was your next opportunity to go out climbing up stuff, getting muddy with your friends? Little did we know then but it is what we now call obstacle course racing or OCR.

Now the word racing is a bit of a misnomer in this context as it implies that the purpose is to compete against other people, however the true ethos of OCR is the complete opposite. There are all kinds of metaphors for life in an obstacle course race, and whilst they may seem twee or cliched, they are nonetheless relevant.

Taking part in an OCR means you will be confronted by impediments that you may be able to overcome on your own, or for which you may need help from others. Others may be friends you already have, or complete strangers. Nevertheless, help will always be provided to allow you to continue your journey.

If I had my way, OCR would stand for obstacle course revelry because the basis of any form of keeping fit must be fun. Surely the most effective form of exercise has to be where an improvement in physical wellbeing is simply a by-product of a conscious decision to go out and enjoy yourself on your own, with friends you already have or those you haven’t yet met.

Welcome to my world and my revels.

Steve Fox sponsored by Affinity Bodyworks

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