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GDPR Statement

GDPR guidelines now give you more control on how your data is stored and used. Affinity Bodyworks will use your data in the following ways:-

During your consultation, you will be asked for personal information. The following information will tell you what data is recorded, why it is needed and how it is processed.

- Legally, any medical records relating to any of your treatments  have to be kept for a minimum of 7 years. This will include any reports and referral letters either on paper or via email. Your name, address and date of birth are required to correctly identify your records. You may request a copy of your records free of charge at any time. Please allow 7 working days for requests to be processed.

- Your records are stored in the following ways: On paper in a locked filing cabinet and/or on a secure server via Cliniko. These records are only accessible to Sarah in Chippenham.  At Malmesbury Clinic, records are accessible to other therapists/practicioners via the online Cliniko system. Please visit Malmesbury Clinic for more details regarding their GDPR statement and privacy policy. Personal information is not passed on to any 3rd party except other healthcare professionals (with your prior consent). This will be for the purpose of referral to other practicioners such as osteopaths, podiatrists, GP's & consultants. Your prior consent will always be sought before proceeding. All records are strictly confidential and will not be discussed with any 3rd party.

- Contact:

Your email address and telephone number(s) will only be used to contact you with regards to appointments, reminders or with information/advice relating to your treatment. You may also be contacted occasionally with information such as newsletters. These will be directly related to services provided by Affinity Bodyworks and occasionally, requests for feedback. Consent is needed to receive these communications and you may withdraw your consent at any time. Please allow 7 working days for changes to be made.

- Online booking and records:

The online booking system used by Affinity Bodyworks is Cliniko. Cliniko is an Australian based company who comply with the new GDPR guidelines and store your data within their secure database. At no time do they have access to your personal information. You will be given options for consent when using the online booking system. Consent will also be specifically requested on the initial consultation form. You will be periodically required to fill out a new form to keep your details current. Consent for appointment reminders via SMS and/or email may be withdrawn at any time, please allow 7 working days for changes to be made.

Online booking requires specific information such as your name, email and telephone number. Without this information, online booking won't be possible. Instead you may call 07970 276992 to book over the phone. 

Cliniko is used for online booking in Malmesbury & Chippenham.  

"Affinity Bodyworks fully complies with the most up to date Data Protection Policy and has a transparent approach to Data Processing which empowers individuals to know about the collection and use of their personal data. We collect data for ensuring we have the right information for assessing your suitability for treatment, for completing the appropriate treatment, for contacting you regarding appointment follow ups and for referral to your GP or other healthcare practitioners if deemed necessary. Your data may be viewed by clinic staff to ensure continuity of care is given and for standard clinic running purposes. The therapist has the right to refuse treatment if such data is not collected. We only collect data that is relevant for those purposes and we keep it for 7 years. All information held will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be released to another external party with the consent of the client."

For more information regarding storage and processing of your personal data, or if you need to update your information or you would like us to remove your contact details from Cliniko, please contact Sarah Jones on 07970 276992 or

Sarah Jones MISRM

Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist Therapist

Owner of "Affinity Bodyworks"

Last updated 10/3/22

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