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Considering the solar energy advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to say solar energy is inefficient and unreliable.

The solar energy sector is not ready to be considered as a replacement for widely used energy sources like nuclear, coal, etc.

The cost of solar panels may seem reduced over the years, but we must look at the fact that the solar industry is standing tall on subsidies and mandates from governments.

Limited environmental benefits do not make solar energy an alternative energy source, it must be consistent and reliable.

Solar energy still needs backup systems which is not a good attribute of a better energy source for companies or industries that need a consistent reliable power supply.

Having said that, the concept of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is encouraging for someone who looks to the future.

Our star is the main source of energy that the Earth has always relied on. It is the most powerful, the most studied, and one of the indisputable protagonists of the energy transformation.

Some advantages of solar energy are shared by many other renewable energy sources. The most important of these is the ability to protect the planet from climate change: capturing and harnessing the sun's light enables us to reduce our use of fossil fuels without producing greenhouse gases and move us towards energy self-sufficiency.

It is true that the yellow dwarf that gives our solar system its name won’t live forever. In fact, in four or five billion years’ time, it will come to the end of its main sequence and become unstable. In the meantime, however, and on a time scale that is more relevant to us, the sun remains an unchangeable and inexhaustible source of energy: day after day, year after year, it is and will always be there, always exactly the same.

In addition to being a fixed presence, the solar energy that reaches Earth is also abundant. If Earth were a flat disc angled towards the sun, it would receive 1,377 watts of solar power per square meter. The presence of our atmosphere, bad weather conditions, and the Earth’s round shape lower this figure by almost ten times in the middle latitudes. That said, we would still only need to capture 6% of our solar energy to cover all of humanity’s energy needs.

The huge installation cost of solar energy systems has been a major discussion for a long time now.

Energy storage cost is making the already expensive solar energy systems more expensive.

The solar battery is a new technology just like solar panels.

Its cost depends on the materials used in its manufacturing and how much power it can generate.

Solar cells need some rare materials like copper indium gallium selenide and cadmium telluride.

This will keep the prices of solar panels high even though the installation costs have been reduced over the years.

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