pregnancy massage in Chippenham, Malmesbury


How can massage help?

Relaxation- Massage can help give an improved sense of wellbeing. This in turn calms down the sympathetic nervous system, lowers stress, reduces blood pressure & releases those feel good endorphins to aid restful sleep.

Aches & pains- Massage can bring relief from general aches & pains caused by the growing baby and the natural changes your body goes through. This includes reducing neck tension that can cause headaches and reducing stress on weight bearing joints & surrounding soft tissues. 

Improve skin pliability- The use of skin softening waxes & oils may help to improve skin tightness & the underlying tissues. This can be especially beneficial when applied to the bump, which can feel uncomfortably tight in the later stages.

When can I have a massage?

Pregnancy massage is offered from conception through to full term & is completely safe throughout pregnancy. If you are having complications during pregnancy such as bleeding please check with your midwife before booking an appointment or contact Sarah to have a chat. 


There are a number of ways to receive treatment and they can be tailored for your comfort. Seated massage is a lovely way to have the whole back & neck treated. Sarah also uses a Beloost pregnancy cushion which enables you to lie on your tummy, with a special cut out for your bump. This can feel so liberating, especially if your bump is uncomfortable. The use of pillows & towels provide plenty of padding, comfort & privacy.

What areas can be treated?

Massage can be tailored to your requirements and can include back, neck & shoulders or include full body with legs, feet, arms, hands & bump. Longer massage strokes are used to aid relaxation, deeper work is avoided to keep blood pressure, heart rate & breathing rate down. 

Pregnancy massage is a lovely holistic treatment to help you relax and take time out for yourself. Did you know that 48-56% of pregnant women suffer from lower back & pelvic pain due to altered posture from the increased weight of the uterus & growing foetus?

Kinesiology taping for pregnancy.jpg

Kinesiology taping can help your bump feel more comfortable.