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OCRs or Obstacle Course Races have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. So what is it that draws people to these muddy events?

Aside from the fact that they are a huge amount of fun, they are also a whole body (and mind) workout. The OCR community is a friendly, inclusive & ever growing group of people. 

Obstacles vary from deep mud, monkey bars, heavy carries, amongst many others (did I mention there's usually cold water?!) There's always going to be some running but the joy of having obstacles is there's never too far to run before you get a breather. A large number of people walk/run & some just walk.  So, what are you waiting for?...

I'm proud to be sponsoring Steve Fox who has a heavy involvement in the OCR world and an inspirational story. He will be telling his story on my blog along with tips & musings. You can read his blog here...

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FXT PT & Wild Fitness provide one to one, mini group personal training, outdoor obstacle sessions, virtual challenges & team events. Based in Bradford-on Avon, Wiltshire, Justin has created a unique outdoor training location with something to suit everyone. From Sunday morning Obstacle Addict to an evening "Blackout" session (head torches are a must!). 

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